Dry Scrubber Dtw ® Series

Dry chemical-physical plant for odours scrubbing.

The air purification process is completed through odours dry scrubbing (adsorption and chemical reaction). The removal process takes place in media beds of activated alumina pellets impregnated, to remove odours molecules. The removal process is irreversible, and treats with an high efficiency a broad range of odour substances.

DTW® DRY SCRUBBERS are multi-stage package units, complete with a section for condensate removal, chemical-physical filtration beds, particulate pre and post filtration sections and inlet/outlet plenums with internal ducts.

DTW® DRY SCRUBBERS can be supplied complete with fan and electrical panel with inverter air flow regulation. All items are pre-assembled on the package.

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Desülfürizasyon (desulphurisation) , Koku giderme (odor treatment) , Alev tutucu (flame arrester) , Biogas flare (biyogaz yakma bacası) , Biogas equipment (biyogaz ekipmanları) , Digester mixer (çürütücü tank mikserleri), Çakıl filtre (gravel filter) , Gaz balonu (gas holder) , Blower (hava üfleyici) , UV (ultaviole)