Vertıcal Tower Tw-2s® Serıes

Vertical Tower.

The two-stage scrubbers produced by biodesulf are designed in order to assure an optimal abating efficiency and guarantee that emissions to the atmosphere respect the law limits. The pollutants present in the air which is aspired by the SCRUBBER biodesulf are absorbed, via chemical reaction s with suitable abating reagents, into non-pollutant compounds.

The scrubber consists of a single vertical washing tower divided into two separated stages. The lower part of the washing tower is composed of a washing solution re-circulating tank divided into two sections (the acid one and the basic/oxidant one) by a seal bulkhead. One section contains the acid reagent, while the other one contains the basic/oxidant reagent. In the first stage the air is introduced from the bottom inlet and rises through the tower passing over the washing liquid surface. Inside the tower the air is washed in counter-current and at low speed by the acid solution through a wide contact surface.

The washed air, before entering the second stage, it passes through a suitable demister,alveolar droplet separator installed over the packing material of the first stage which reduces the liquid acid reagent dragging phenomena from the first stage to the second one.

On the base of the second stage there is a system which allows the air coming from the first stage to enter to the following treatment section, avoiding in the meantime that the re-circulating solution (basic and/or oxidant) from the second stage can fall into the first stage. The solution, settles on the bottom of the second stage and through a pipeline it goes down to the tank at the base of the tower In the second stage the air is treated as in the first one, but with a basic and/or oxidant reagent.

The air is drawn through the scrubber by an external fan and, once it has been treated, exiting from the second stage, it passes through a second demister (which avoids the liquid dragging phenomena) and finally is emitted to the atmosphere.

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