UV lamps for water disinfection

One of the most effective ways to disinfect drinking water is to use UVlamps, which emit UVC radiation, which is a fragment of the spectrum of UV light (emitted by the sun). It is a natural method, devoid of chemicals.

Probiko-Aqua guarantees that the offered solutions are adapted to the individual needs of the clients applying. This makes it possible to disinfect drinking water effectively through the efficient use of the technologies provided.

Properly selected devices allow to deactivate microorganisms in the absence of any changes in the taste and smell of water. UV lamps use radiation around the 254 nm range (UVC range), there are no chemicals or other components that cannot be classified as natural.

UV disinfection of drinking water

The technology we use has been known for a very long time. Already in the 19th century, the first attempts were made to use it for disinfection of drinking water. In the 20th century, however, the first water supply deployments took place. As you can see, UV water lamps use in-depth tested and proven solutions. So there is no question of any dangers or inaccuracies.

The safety of UV lamps is also due to the very course of disinfection of drinking water. UV technology uses a phenomenon observed in nature. UVC radiation, which in nature is held back by the ozone layer of our planet, is characterized by a deactivation effect on many microorganisms, which are also found in drinking water.

Although the first devices were implemented as early as the early 20th century, it was not until the 1950s and 1960s that the industrial development of this technology dates back to the 1950s. This has been contributed to by the difficulties in transporting chlorine to hard-to-reach mountain areas in Austria and Switzerland and the need for an alternative solution.

Since the 1990s, this method has been widely used. UV disinfection of drinking water occurs in the largest water treatment stations (e.g. New York City). Further development of drinking water disinfection technology has also become possible by establishing appropriate radiation doses.

The UV lamps supplied and installed by us for disinfecting drinking water provide a number of advantages that make their use in many cases the best possible solution.

  •  High deactivation efficiency of microorganisms – including Clostridii and Legionella.
  •  No change in the taste and smell of water.
  •  Better effects against Cryptosporidium and Gardia parasites compared to disinfection of drinking water using chlorine.
  •  Effectiveness against viruses.
  •  No need (or reduction) of dosing chemicals into the water.

In the case of water supply plants with lower flows and adequate supply network quality, chlorine is replaced by UV lamps,which have long remained the only equipment used for the disinfection of drinking water.

As regards plants where chlorine must be used (with a very high flow and extensive network), UV disinfection reduces its dosing and is an extremely effective aid in deactivating chlorine-resistant micro-organisms. The combination of these two methods of disinfection of drinking water allows to increase microbial safety, while reducing the amount of chlorine in water, which translates into its useful qualities (especially taste and smell).

Selection of UV devices for drinking water disinfection

The high effectiveness of water disinfection with UV lamps depends on their appropriate selection. Probiko-Aqua offers UV lamps of varying technological sophistication. Thanks to the experience of our employees, it becomes possible to choose them properly based on the individual needs of the client. Our devices are used in the following areas:

  • drinking water – water supply,
  • disinfection and reduction of chloramine in pool water,
  • disinfection of process water in industry,
  • disinfection of drinking water on ships,
  • disinfection of ballast waters,
  • destruction of residual ozone in water,
  • air disinfection – ventilation ducts, tanks,
  • municipal waste water,
  • special applications (swimming pools, aquariums, fish farming),
  • special equipment e.g. for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Probiko-Aqua specialists select not only optimal main equipment, but also additional equipment, which can include, for example, advanced UV monitoring,automatic cleaning system or matching the appropriate sizes of flange connections to the specific customer’s demand. For hygienic applications we use TriClamp connections. Depending on the needs and required parameters of disinfection of drinking water, we also offer devices equipped with a control system for the power of UV radiators, depending on the current water flow rate.

All this means that disinfection with UV water lamps can be adjusted not only in terms of process efficiency, but also in terms of operating costs and optimal installation dimensions. In any case, we guarantee easy operation of the supplied equipment, their long service life, as well as high reliability when disinfecting drinking water.

Low- and medium-pressure radiators
Probiko-Aqua offers both low-pressure and medium-pressure UV radiators. In the first case, users are faced with monochrome radiation in the range of 254 nm, which is extremely close to the optimal UVC parameter (i.e. 265 nm). Medium-pressure heaters emit radiation of a wider range (200-600 nm), which, however, falls within the range relevant to the effectiveness of drinking water disinfection by this method.

The dynamic development of techniques for disinfecting drinking water with UV lamps has made UV radiators constantly improved over the last few decades, which translated primarily into longer lifespans The radiant parameters in our devices are as follows:

Low Pressure High Intensity (LPHI) radiators – power up to 1000 W, service life up to 16,000 hours,
Medium Pressure High Intensity (MPHI) radiators – power up to 15,000 W, lifespan up to 12,000 hours.
This type of uv lamp heaters allow for high efficiency of the drinking water disinfection process. Our specialists offer not only help in choosing the best solutions, but also the installation and commissioning of the proposed systems. In addition, there is also a professional service of UV lamps used in the process of water disinfection.

Effective disinfection of drinking water
The possibilities offered by UVlamps make this technology constantly being developed. Efforts to achieve even higher power and longer service life will further reduce the use of chlorine, as well as increase the station’s ability to disinfect drinking water.

Probiko-Aqua is well aware of the importance of choosing the right UV lamps and any components that affect the final result of the whole process. We never take shortcuts – we are not guided by beaten patterns, which are transferred without analyzing the specifics of the place and fittings. In any case, we offer solutions that are designed to ensure the highest efficiency of disinfection of drinking water. In addition to the attractive price, it also counts for us how UV lamps work in specific conditions and applications. Thanks to this, we guarantee the pursuit of only the best disinfection parameters.

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