Venturi Quencher Vqc-Hi® Series

Venturi Quencher.

The detaching liquid which is sprayed on the hot die evaporates and generates oil vapours.

The VENTURI-QUENCHER VQC-hi® developed by Ecochimica has been expressly studied to condensate the oil vapours through a double treatment stage, generating an emulsion of oil and water which collects itself in the tank bottom, without clogging problems and avoiding consequent waste of time and money which is necessary for maintenance. Both the systems can adopt a continuous and automatic washing system.

The oil vapours sucked from the die-casting machine enter into he treatment plant passing through the first venturi-quencher stage, which has been especially designed to condensate and clean them almost totally. The washing liquid is sprayed in counter current and at an high pressure by an inox pump, through some special non-clogging nozzles. An automatic water refilling system maintains the washing liquid to its best working level, which is periodically discharged according to the condensed oil emulsion quantity, with possible recovery of the treated detaching agent.

The cleaned air has then a final filtration in the second stage, passing through the tower and is then sent to the atmosphere through a fan with a pollutant content according to the law limits. The cleaned air at the venturi-quencher output can be re-circulated – also partially – in the facility, both in the single machine and in the centralized plant configuration.

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