Stripping Tower Tw-Str

Stripping tower.

Volatile compound stripping tower and treatment of stripped compound with biodesulf scrubber.
The stripping tower is used to reduce the volatile compound concentration (ammonia for example) in a fluid (waste water and process water).
In the biodesulf stripping tower the fluid to be treated is pushed at the top of the tower and sprinkled downwards by spray-nozzle through special filling packs, which are inserted in the tower to increase air/fluid contact area and where a counter-current air flow is conveyed by proper ventilator.

In this phase the compound is transferred from the fluid to the air. Exhaust air from the stripping tower is conveyed to a chemical scrubber to reduce pollutant concentration to be released into the atmosphere within environmental law limits.

The correct plant dimension is closely related to the fluid flow rate and to the in/out compound concentration. It is possible use hot air to increase stripping efficiency to reduce plant dimension and cost.

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