Venturi Tower Vtw® Series

Venturi tower scrubber.

Pollutants in the air treated by the biodesulf SCRUBBER are absorbed by chemical reaction through washing with reducing reagents. The standard scrubbers produced by biodesulf are double-stage to ensure greater efficiency and to guarantee emissions within ever more restrictive legal standards.

First Stage (Venturi):
Incoming contaminated air is drawn into the scrubber through the venturi where, because of the strong turbulence created in the throat by high velocity, it is forced into contact with the wash solution providing optimal pre-treatment conditions.

Second Stage (tower):
The contaminated air passes from the venturi to the tower through the reagent recirculating tank. In the tower, the air is backwashed again at a low velocity over a large contact area. Demisters (alveolar packs to separate droplets) are inserted in the tower to eliminate liquid carry-over. Air is pushed through the scrubber by a standard fan and once treated is released into the atmosphere.

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