Special constructions

Top-Mounted Biogas Ring Storage and Biogas Storages with Bridges

Ring Biogas Storage Systems and systems with bridges are functionally very similar to the Top-Mounted Biogas Storage System. The difference is that these storage systems can be placed directly on concrete or steel tanks with a separate center panel. On this center plate or bridge agitators, gas pipe connections, or other fittings can be installed. In contrast to the normal Top-Mounted Biogas Storage, a brace system is usually not necessary. This configuration is preferred by fermenters and facilitates maintenance and modifications. Similar to the service platform concept, ring and bridge storage systems can reduce the downtime for service and maintenance considerably.

Top-Mounted Biogas Storage System with Service Platforms

This type of Top-Mounted Biogas Storage has an integrated platform, which offers an easy way to get access to the different systems built into the tank. These can be agitators, access shafts, sensors, and safety devices. This platform system leads to shorter service hours thus reducing unproductive downtime at the biogas plant.

Rectangular Storage

This kind of gasholder is mounted on a rectangular fermenter. Generally a brace system is used to protect the membrane.

Storage Ponds

This storage system can be used to cover existing ponds and for storing biogas. The big advantage is a significant reduction in investment costs. Biodesulf provides the complete system consisting of the pond seal membrane and the biogas storage.

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