Biological Desulphurization Towers For Biogas Bio-Desolf® Series

Vertical biofilter tower.

In anaerobic fermentation of waste for biogas production, the methane produced contains high levels of hydrogen sulphide which is highly corrosive for the power production unit.

Our biodesulf plants reduce the hydrogen sulphide content through a biological treatment, without chemical reagents consumption.
A correct biodesulf management has to control the following operative parameters: temperature, pH, oxygen quantity and nutritional substances.

biodesulf efficiency in optimal working conditions is more than 90%. In plants where could happen important changes in biogas’ flow o in H2S concentration, we advice the installation of a chemical desulphurization plant (DESOLF-VTR®) after biodesulf, to guarantee a very high efficiency in H2S removal even with large changes in biogas flow or H2S concentration in the gas to be treated.

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